What makes a good web developer and why web development does not have to be overly expensive?


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This question is raised frequently, especially by non-techie people whose businesses rely strongly on all kinds of web presence, incl. corporational websites, social networks, e-commerce, transactional systems and such. Those people know very well how difficult it is to find a reliable programmer or web developer. Someone who is a master in the technology-related aspects of work and who is also communicative is worth every penny.

In reality, being an IT person very often means that you can speak to computers easily but the communication with people hurts badly. Remind yourself speaking with an IT specialist who was trying to understand what you were having a problem with. Was it quick and sweet or rather complicated and confusing? If you are in the 2nd group – you are lucky. However, the majority of people will qualify to the 1st group. If it was easy to mix the social skills with very strict analytical way of thinking that is crucial for every programmer or a web developer, you would not probably have heard so many jokes about IT specialists.

The truth is that developers need to have a specific set of skills, need to be up-to-date with technology that is constantly changing, need to follow all recent trends and truly love what they do. All these things are not easy to learn and this mind-set does not usually goes hand in hand with communication skills. People who have the skills from both groups are very rare and therefore not cheap.

If you have worked with various web developers long enough, you have gone through all the ups-and-downs and some communication breakdowns, you can really appreciate working with a good, professional web developer. You are probably also used to the high rates in this industry. The question is – do you really need to pay such high rates for this work? If you knew you can have the same, extremely high quality for much less, would you still be spendings thousands of your hard-earned dollars for it?

I am absolutely confident that you can work with high class web developers who speak english and do not cost you a fortune! The key thing is to use proper people from Eastern Europe countries like e.g. Poland, Ukraine, etc. People in this area are have reasonable rates, are very talented, usually well educated and share the values that are common in Western societies. Regardless of how arrogant this claim is, I know it is simply true. My confidence is based on feedback I have been receiving regularly from our clients for all these years in the market. I also know you deserve the same great quality, good experience and the feeling of well-spent money.

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